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Orange man with addiction to drug killed by police

Published On: 06-02-2017 in Category: Addiction, Drug Abuse, substance abuse

Officers of the Orange Police Department recently shot and killed Michael Anthony Perez, 33, during a stopover after he stumbled out of his vehicle with a knife attached to his belt and brazenly confronted a policeman. According to the police, Perez, who was living in his van for four months, was battling addiction to methamphetamine and facing a restraining order preventing him from seeing his four children.

The shooting took place when the officers pulled over Perez’s vehicle for a broken tail light in a parking lot in the 100 block of West Katella Avenue, where they also figured out that there was a criminal warrant involving the vehicle’s license plate. However, defying police orders to get out of the vehicle, Perez lit a cigarette and placed a can of gasoline next to himself. Though the officers tried to flush him out with a burst of water from a fire hose, in the ensuing confrontation, Perez succumbed to gun shots. Sergeant Jennifer Amat said Perez had an extensive criminal history, which included violations not only for drugs but also for firearms.

Though Perez loved his children, he would often go into fits of rages, endangering the safety of others around him. “He went through a lot of hard times and struggled to take care of his children,” said someone who knew him for about a decade. Court records revealed that Perez had an extensive criminal background dating to 2001 as well as instances of convictions in 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2016. Many of the charges leveled against him included possession of controlled substances.

Understanding connection between mental illness and drug addiction

There is no doubt any given mental ailment can highly increase the chances of drug abuse for immediate or short-term relief, whereas, people who are addicted to drug could start manifesting early symptoms of mental health problems. Studies have shown that though the two are closely linked to each other, neither is proven to be the direct cause of the other.

In most of the cases, self-medication often involves use of alcohol or drugs to alleviate depression and anxiety, but the side effects in the long run are usually damaging and can heighten the underlying risk for more serious problems. Most victims are often pushed over to the edge in a desperate effort to seek alleviation. This is also one of the major causes of overdosing. Such an observably high rate of comorbidity between the two calls for a holistic approach to identify, evaluate and treat each concurrent disorder.

Dealing with strong urges for intoxication, alcohol dependence or substance abuse has always been a daunting task. Things can get further complicated if someone is struggling with mental health problems like depression, anxiety or bipolar disorders. In other words, battling co-occurring disorders can pose an enormous challenge.

Battling menace of drug addiction

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